Ecology and environment


A clean world has been ITALCALCE’s mission since its foundation, and this has led the company to achieve a renowned position also in the remarkably important water treatment sector.

The availability of fresh spring water required to satisfy the needs of human kind is constantly decreasing, and industrial waste and pollution are contributing to quickly deplete our water resources. But, fortunately, new technological discoveries and efforts, aimed at the maximum respect for the environment, contribute to avoid this risk: through lime, the soil can restore its fertility, the rivers can restore their limpidity, and the water can become clean once again, thus replenishing the availability of fresh water.


Decarbonisation, neutralization and remineralization are among the main fields of use of lime, in the form of aqueous suspension, for treating waters.

As an essential chemical agent in treating waters for human use, lime is useful to:

• correct the total hardness in waters rich of calcium salts and magnesium dissolved in various quantities, combining with one another and blocking, at the same time, the aggressive action of calcium carbonate, which causes the formation of limestone deposits in pipes;

• neutralize waters to a neutral pH, by reducing excessive free carbon dioxide;

• remineralize waters which are poor in bicarbonates, re-integrating the calcium ion.

Free of heavy metals and potentially harmful chemical substances for men, ITALCALCE’s hydrated lime is particularly suitable for the general water purification process and, more in particular, for the important desalination process of sea water.  For almost ten years, ITALCALCE has been supplying highly pure calcium hydroxide to the Republic of Malta for its desalination systems, useful to provide the necessary quantity of potable water to the entire island.


Calcium hydroxide, with a very high content (> 94%) of Ca(OH)2 and fineness between 0 - 90 micron, is used, in the ecology sector, in chemical-physical treatments concerning depuration systems of industrial and domestic waste water, under the form of lime water or limewash, to avoid pollution in water streams.

Its characteristics of main chemical reactant ensure the required reliability and cost-effectiveness for the safe reutilisation of depurated water. Its ability to correct pH, to generate precipitation of sulphates, phosphates and fluorides, together to the ability to neutralize acid waste and reduce the polluting soil load, render lime the most reliable and cost-effective solution to treat waste water. Since 1990, ITALCALCE has been the supplier of hydrated lime for numerous public and private companies that use it in the first disposal phase of industrial waste waters.


The biological treatment of waste water obviously produces a sedimented sludge residue that, once treated and hygienized, can be effectively used in agriculture, being a precious source of fertilizing elements. During the hygienization phase of the sludge, the addition of lime to the basic material favours the dehydration of the sludge, reduces the pathogens present, stabilizes the degradable components and eliminates unpleasant odours.