Lime can advantageously replace, in part or entirely, the calcium carbonate as raw material in the production of soda calcic glasses and glass fibers. With this substitution, it is possible to increase both the productivity of furnaces for glass melting, and the subsequent glass workability in the forming machines. And this because the glass batch containing lime becomes much more reactive and melts faster. The result is: increased productivity, significant energy savings and lower emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

By reducing waste, production costs decrease and the quality of final products increases, since the molten glass obtained by lime is purer and more workable.

Suitably balancing the contents of calcium and magnesium, ITALCALCE has developed specific products for the production of glass and glass fibers, in order to satisfy the needs of different types of furnaces to optimize the final results.

In the manufacturing process for the working and production of glass, ITALCALCE lime is also used in the electrofilters for a significant reduction of the pollutants contained in the exhaust smoke.